I love making home made Pizza. They are easy, quick and filling. My refrigerator had some pizza base brought from the store. Although I have never made Pizza from scratch and they say its not that difficult (now that I mention, I shall try making it soon) and post. The Recipe that I follow is simple.


Flour base


Wheat(brown) & Flour(white) base

Preheat the Oven for 10 minutes at 150 degree temperature. Spread some butter on the base and slide them in the oven. The melted butter is absorbed and makes the base rise.

Spread Tomato sauce with a spoon and sprinkle some grated Cheese. You can use the normal Amul can, Kraft’s Cheddar or Pizza Cheese. I usually use which ever is available to me at home. So this time I grated the Cheddar Cheese. Its less milky and relatively hard yet very natural. Its the most popular type of cheese used in the UK and second most popular in USA after Mozzarella.

Chopped Onion, Capsicum and Tomatoes in small pieces. Topped it on top of Cheese. You can also have your own choice of Toppings.


1, 2, 3

Variations in Toppings: 1. Cheese & Onion, 2. Cheese, Onion and Capsicum, 3. Cheese, Onion, Capsicum and Tomatoes. Just before putting them in the oven, I sprinkled some Oregano and Black Pepper.

With the other two Wheat & Flour Base, I did the same.

4. Cheese, Onion, Tomato and Capsicum, 5. Cheese, Onion and Capsicum.

Sprinkle a lot of Black Pepper and Oregano.


4 & 5

Now, the only difference between Batch 1-2-3 and Batch 4-5 was the Base.

1-2-3, had a soft base and were not so crusty after baking. I used Kulcha’s (a small round Indian Bread made from Milk, Butter and Flour) whereas, Batch 4-5 were the original Pizza Base that we buy from stores. They were crusty , thick and crunchy. So the next time you use Kulcha’s , to make Pizza’s , remember they will not be very crunchy.

Finally after the Baking, this is how the Pizza looked –





A sample of Pizza I had baked previously using Yellow, Red Pepper and Olives. Refer Picture Above. Like I said use your own choice of Toppings and the list is endless. Few examples – Corn, Olives, Basil,  Grilled Cottage Cheese / Chicken, Yellow & Red Pepper, Pineapple pieces, Baby Corn etc

Baking Time – 15 minutes

Oven Temperature – 220 degrees.


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